Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

What Are They?

Pre bonded hair extensions come with the glue already applied so all that is required is to apply some heat to them to bond them to your hair. This method is far less messy than the regular fusion hair extensions method where the glue is applied separately. These extensions are one of the least noticeable methods currently available and can be used on any type or texture of hair.

These extensions are permanent as opposed to clip in hair extensions which you should be removed before going to sleep. You can expect pre bonded hair extensions to last for up to 4 months, even longer if you look after them properly. Lighter shades may contain bleach and do not last as long as the non bleached extensions. After a couple of months you may lose the odd strand or two but this is perfectly normal and will not affect the overall appearance of your hair.



Pre bonded remy hair extensions are considered to be the highest quality of pre bonded human hair extensions. They last much longer and are more durable than synthetic hair extensions. You can expect to pay much more for remy hair but if you are looking for cheap pre bonded hair extensions then synthetic hair is the way to go as long as you are aware that this type of hair will not last as long.



There is no pain when applying the hair extensions. Your head just feels a little warm. If applied correctly and aftercare advice is followed, these extensions do not harm your hair in any way. The only time you should avoid hair extensions is when pregnant and up to one year after giving birth. This is because hair extension have been known to accelerate hormonal hair loss.

You may experience a tender scalp and a feeling of irritation for a few days after applying any hair extensions. This is normal and nothing to be alarmed about. Your scalp is just reacting to the extra weight and texture of the extensions. This feeling of tenderness will not last longer than a week.



Do not wash your hair for at least two days after adding the extensions. This gives the bonds time to harden. The longer you can leave it the better. After this, you should only wash your extensions twice per week. If you need to wash your real hair more regularly you should tie back your extensions and just wash the top part of your hair

It is of paramount importance that you only use shampoo and conditioner that is designed for hair extensions. Using normal shampoo and conditioner can cause the bonds to slip which will affect the longevity of your extensions.

You should dry your hair on a low heat or cool setting ensuring that the bonds are dried completely straight.

You should brush your hair twice a day using only an extensions brush, seperating the bonds as you brush. Always make sure that you support the bonds by holding them when brushing your hair. Avoid brushing any more than this as this can cause shredding

You can use hair straighteners on your extensions but do not attempt to curl your hair with them as this will pull on the extensions.

Sun beds are the enemy of pre bonded hair extensions. They can dry out the hair and melt the bonds. If you must use a sun bed then wrap your hair in a towel for the entire session

Swimming is not recommended when using pre bonded hair extensions. The chlorine in swimming pools and salt in the sea combined with heat from the sun can cause the extension to discolour, break down and disintegrate resulting in the loss of the hair extensions. If you must swim then a swim cap will help avoid these issues. If you do get your extension wet when swimming then you should rinse your hair with fresh water and dry as soon as possible.